I am happy to announce, that starting from July 1, 2015 my daily focus will shift from working full time at XING to being an Indie developer.

I will focus on building Git2Go and the open source software around it. While the AppStore tries to be a hostile place for independent developers, I hope there will be room for productivity software that shifts iOS devices from being media consuming monsters to working machines on the go.

The current market for productivity software mainly consists of to-do list apps, with some exceptions [1]. We also saw some nice additions from Apple with the iOS SDK in iOS 8 and 9 with file provider extensions, split screen multitasking and additions to the built in keyboard. But software will not be the end. We are currently seeing rumors of an iPad Pro all over the Internet and the OS itself.

More importantly I want to experience my freedom of being self-employed and being able to travel through Germany seeing some friends and family. All in all, I think it will be an exciting journey and I am happy to hear your feedback!


  • Ulysses, which I use for writing this blog
  • AppCooker, which I use for doing mock ups and prototypes
  • Dash, handy online and offline documentation app
  • Textastic, fabulous code editor
  • CodeReview, which I use for reviewing pull requests