DevOps in the iOS World - Continuous Integration

19 August 2015

Continuous integration should be a crucial part in every developers daily workflow. Some time ago most iOS Developers never heard of it, except they came from another platform. That luckily changed but I still see exceptions.

Living the dream

30 June 2015

I am happy to announce, that starting from July 1, 2015 my daily focus will shift from working full time at XING to being an Indie developer.

DevOps in the iOS World — Streamline Configurations

01 June 2015

In my previous article I gave a quick overview of the DevOps mindset in perspective to the iOS world. In this first article of the series, I want to go a bit deeper in how to align multiple configurations in your project.

DevOps in the iOS World — Introduction

28 May 2015

DevOps — You may have read this term in various links on HackerNews, job offers or conversations in your company and so did I. The sad thing is that I couldn’t relate to the term and took it as a job title which combined development work and operations tasks in one person, but then a friend introduced me to the book The Phoenix project.

Building better apps

06 May 2015

As a kid I always loved to watch the James Bond movies. Mostly because of his gadgets. I am pretty young still so I started watching the movies when Pierce Brosnan was the protagonist. We are talking 1995+ here. I don’t know for certain (although I am pretty sure) if you still remember some of his gadgets in that time.